what is included in the price that i see?
we like to keep things simple. the price that you see next to each flower arrangement is the price that you will pay. it is inclusive of tax, the vase, and each of the stems you see. we're happy to also offer complimentary hand-delivery within manhattan. sweet, right?
what is your delivery schedule ?
we deliver between the hours of 10am and 5pm monday through friday. in the event that your needs are outside of that window, just holler at us and we’ll see what we can do. we're always happy to try to be as accommodating as possible. 
do you offer same day delivery?
when possible, we're more than happy to oblige. if you'd like a same-day order, please let us know as early in the day as possible and we'll do our very best. otherwise, orders will be delivered the next business day.
how do i know when you're going to deliver?
when you get to the checkout page, you may specify when and where we should deliver. if it is to your home address, please be sure someone is there to receive them. we regret to add that unless fluffy can answer the door, pets don't count. we're also happy to deliver to your office or, say, your docked yacht if it's more convenient.
which neighborhoods do you deliver to?
if only our 2h delivery robots were finished being built, we’d be ready to take on the greater NYC area. for the immediate future we are happy to deliver to the manhattan area (below 68th street.) if you're looking for a delivery outside of this area, we may be able to oblige for a small delivery fee. please email us to inquire. we are very much looking forward to expanding the 2h delivery area, so please take a sec to tell us where you’d like to see delivery and we’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available. if you just can’t wait, please give us a call or text us at 917.300.1875 or send an e-mail and we’ll see how we can help.
can i send flowers to someone who lives outside of manhattan?
at the moment 2h operates within the city only. in the future we would love to be able to expand to the outer boroughs and beyond! for more information see our cities page. also, be sure to let us know where you'd love to see 2h in the future.
do you have a store i can visit?
no, at the moment we do not. keep spreading the word about 2h and hopefully we’ll be able to open our dream studio soon. (we’ll even invite you to the opening party!)
why are your flowers less expensive than other delivery options?
great question! at 2h we like to keep things simple. vases, arrangements, delivery methods. by establishing a relationship with local vendors, we are able to source flowers on-demand, which means getting the freshest selection and the best prices each day. (ps. did you know that NYC has the 2nd largest wholesale flower market in the world next to holland? lucky for us, eh?)

what if i’m not happy with the flowers i received/sent?
gasp! while we hope this never happens, we absolutely want to know if it does. your satisfaction is most important to us. if your flowers do not arrive as expected, please contact us right away at 917.300.1875 or info@2hflowers.com so that we may turn that frown upside down.
what's the difference between being a subscriber and placing a new order each week?
as a subscriber you benefit from the savings of using the same vase from week to week. you also enjoy the excitement of receiving an arrangement crafted just for you each week, every two weeks, or once a month.
i'm a 2h weekly subscriber... what if i want to keep each vase i get?

the greatest difference between being a subscriber and placing an order for a specific arrangement is the discount that comes from not needing a new vase with each delivery. if you're building yourself a little vase collection and want to keep each and every one, we recommend placing your orders as you want them since the price of the vase is built into the total cost.

what if i brought my subscription vase to a friend's house and no longer have it?

if for some reason you don't have the vase from your last delivery, we'll bring your next arrangement in a new vase. since the cost of your subscription is based on the savings of not having a new vase delivered each time, we'd be happy to add an å la carte charge for the vase itself. the average price is between $8 and $25 depending on which one you had. we'll be sure to confirm the cost with you before adding it to your next subscription charge. 

do you offer corporate subscription discounts?
sure. we love a good deal as much as anyone. give us a call at 917.300.1875 or send us an e-mail with your needs and we’d be happy to work out a great subscription price for you.
what type of payment do you accept?
on our website we offer secure checkout where you may pay with your american express, visa, or mastercard. (ps. your credit card info will never be stored on the site.)

i don’t see what i’m looking for on your site. may i place a custom order?
sure! give us a call or send us an e-mail to let us know what you’re looking for. 
where do the vintage collection vases come from?
perhaps one of our most favorite parts of the job, we source the vintage collection vases from some pretty neat places: thrift stores, flea markets, online auctions, estate sales, or maybe our wacky aunt hilda's basement. for each unique vase we sell, we’ll be sure to share a little about where it comes from. vintage collection arrangements make very special gifts. long after the flowers are gone, the vase is sure to remain. (ps. did we mention we love a good challenge? if there's a special style of vase you have in mind, give us a heads up and we'll be sure to keep an eye out for it.)
can i include a custom message with my flowers?
yes, of course. whether you're sending yourself positive affirmations of how fabulous you are or you're passing sentiments on to someone else, we'll handwrite your card to be delivered with the flowers. lucky for you, our very own kelly cobb has handwriting that has often been mistaken for computer type, so it's sure to look good. (cards can be written in script upon request... she's pretty good at that, too.) if you're at a loss for words, fear not! choose one of our clever one-liner cards to express your thoughts. we'll just sign your name.
how do the flowers arrive?
flowers are always delivered with some type of water source - whether it is a water wrap for bouquets or a vase with fresh water. most arrangements will arrive in a 2h flowers kraft bag. your chosen card will be placed in a small white envelope and attached to the bag with a black clip. hand-tied bouquets may be wrapped in kraft paper, tied with the ribbon and have the card attached. if you don't need the extra wrapping, just let us know.
i just got my flowers and all i see are flowers. what’s up with that?
you mean you miss the baby’s breath and green filler that most people throw away? if that’s the case, 2h might not be for you. we hope, though, that you’ll embrace this novel idea of enjoying the lovely blooms just as they are!
i didn't get any flower food. aren't my flowers hungry?
in the vein of keeping it green, pre-packaged flower food is not included with deliveries. as long-time flower lovers ourselves (obvi), we've embraced some of the tips that have been passed down to us. see our care page for some ideas and feel free to share your fave techniques on our facebook page or twitter.
what’s the best way to keep my flowers fresh?
each delivery you receive has been cut and arranged that same day. all stems arrive with either a water wrap for bouquets or water in the vase. flowers are most thirsty the day they've been arranged so make sure they have plenty of fresh water to drink. in lieu of attaching care cards to your flowers, we encourage you to read about your individual blooms and flower care suggestions here. the biggest stem killer is bacteria. eliminate the growth by keeping the water fresh and trimming the stems every couple days.
what should i do with my water tubes?
pouring them out and keeping them is a great idea if you often transport flowers to a friend’s apartment or are bringing some blooms to your office. alternatively, since we're all about recycling, you may hang on to them and we’ll arrange to pick them up and reuse them.