In 2011, 2h was founded on the idea that organically designed arrangements could be affordable and that a bit of charm could be restored to the process of sending and receiving flowers.

5 years later, more than ever, my belief lies in simplicity, in letting the natural elements shine, and in engagement with the flowers in such a way that enhances one's day to day life. I encourage you to see more in less, seek higher quality over quantity, and surround yourself with beauty, however modest or opulent. Daily maintenance of the flowers - refreshing the water, trimming stems, and rearranging as you wish - should serve as a mindful time-out where you allow your hands a device-break to tend to something beautiful. For me, flowers serve as a gorgeous medium with which I get to explore color and form and I hope, with the elements you receive, you'll feel excited to do the same. There's no wrong way to enjoy them. 

2h is an East Village based home floral studio. There resides a fat, (dieting!) grey cat named Beau. His favorite flowers are jasmine and lisianthus. 

A lot has happened in 5 years! I've had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and friends and be featured in some pretty cool places such as Bergdorf Goodman, J Brand, Gant Rugger, Conde Nast, Pamela Love, KiDs Creative, SHoP architects, Pink Olive, Alice Gao, VICINUS Project, Shoptiques, Garance Doré, New York Times, Paper Magazine, and Good Morning America Live.

This past October, Ingrid, my partner in florals for 3 years, with her husband Mike, welcomed a darling baby boy. 2h is not the same without her and Beau is not nearly as talented with a pair of clippers. So for now "we" usually means the cat and me and we look forward to continuing to offer flowers and greens that make you feel good and help to enhance the space around you.

x Kelly