we know, we know. it's practically the new black. the thing is... it's actually really important to us. in our real lives and on a daily basis. we like to apply the same mindfulness to 2h flowers.

what this means:

1.) we hate waste. sourcing flowers (practically) on demand helps us to eliminate assortment overages which in turn helps us keep costs low for you and ensures that we deliver the freshest blooms we can get our hands on. win, win. (in the event that we do end up with extras, we find a very loving home for them. we're partnering with some local hospitals, treatment centers, and shelters to bring some cheer to people who need it most. stay tuned for more updates on our charitable efforts!)

2.) less is more. when creating arrangements, we like to keep the focus on the flowers. we're putting a nix on the baby's breath and the filler greens. exterior wrapping will be kept to a minimum and we're moving our flower care instructions off paper and to our site.

3.) one vase. subscription holders will receive the vase of their choice with their first delivery. after that, your arrangements will be delivered sized and ready to be placed in the vase that you keep. if at any time you wish to change vase styles, just let us know a week in advance and we'll switch them out.

4.) repurpose. when blooms start to go lifeless it doesn't mean you have to toss the whole arrangement. we'd like to suggest some cool ways to get the most out of your stems. peonies and tulips, for example, open up beautifully as they age and look lovely in a single flower vase or even floating in an old teacup. we'll be posting more ideas on our blog in the near future. we're sure you have some great ideas, too. share your tips and photos on our facebook or twitter.

5.) reduce, reuse, recycle. you've heard the triple Rs plenty of times, but it's amazing how many people still haven't caught on. we minimize paper use, keep electricity usage to a minimum, and carry reusable totes. we even checked that little checkbox on delivery.com that says we don't need utensils and napkins! we won't mention any names... but there is a 2h staffer who's been known to fish out toilet paper rolls and straw wrappers to keep them from the garbage shoot.