hey there, good lookin' - 

upon us is, undoubtedly, our busiest day of the year and, oh, we're excited. on this special day we get to spread floral love all over nyc. our sole mission on this day is to make everyone happy. simple, right? we like to make it look that way. to help us help you, please review our official list of VDAY FAQ v. 5.0 so that you know exactly how things will go down.

valentine's day is on a holiday weekend! how will this effect deliveries? 

excellent question! here's the deal:

wednesday, feb 10th - friday, feb 12th, for early-bird surprises and office receivers, we'll be offering deliveries to residences (make sure someone will be home!) and offices in manhattan (below 68th street) 8am - 6pm as well as pick-ups from our 605 east 14th street studio 3pm - 7pm.

saturday, feb 13th there will be no deliveries on this day. pick-ups from our studio may be scheduled noon - 5pm.

sunday, feb 14th we'll be offering deliveries to - this is important - doorman residences only (below 68th street) as well as pick-ups from our studio 10am - 6pm.

monday, feb 15th we will be closed for a 24 hour nap. 

i see the flowers are offered as wrapped bundles this year. what's up with that? 

yes! this is something we're very excited about offering going forward. we just love the romance of a hand-tied bundle, stems plucked from the flower market, effortless and chic, chosen to be well-loved. so with that, rather than provide you with a styled arrangement, in a vase you probably don't need, we're opting to take a more thoughtful approach and focus on the individual elements and how they may be enjoyed in one's space. we have specially selected an assortment of complementary stems that are designed to work together and lovely enough (and happy to be!) to be displayed on their own. this, we believe, will encourage a greater level of engagement with the flowers during their life span. there are no rules and you can't be "bad at them." flowers are, after all, simply meant to make you feel happy and we think that once you, or your dear recipient, start placing those stems in a favorite vase, juice glass, or tin can, you're going to feel the good vibes. we think that you'll see more beauty in the individual stems, take greater pleasure in spreading them around your space, find relaxation in caring for them and seeing how they evolve ever so slightly each day. of course, if you're more of a set-it-and-forget-it kind of flower enjoyer, that works, too! just choose your favorite vessel and they're ready to shine. if you need to kick-start your collection, we will be offering two vases - our favorite delicate glass cylinder and a limited edition hand-carved birch vase that can be wrapped and included with your floral bundle. we realize this approach may not be for everyone, but we've thought long and hard about it and received the (green) thumbs up from lots of flower receivers. we urge you to give it a try and share your experience with us. we sincerely hope you'll enjoy a new way of mindfully gifting and loving flowers. 

are they ok out of water?  

all of our flowers are sourced as fresh as can be every single morning based on the orders that have come in. this process eliminates supply overages and waste and means that we don't have to house unsold stems. while we're working with them, they are in water 99% of the time. the bundles are wrapped and soaked just moments before they are packaged to go out the door to you. some flowers can be happy out of water for quite some time, but for the benefit of the group, do re-soak the stems or place them in a vase as soon as you're able. 

i requested delivery between 8am and 10am. it's noon. why aren't the flowers there yet? 

to avoid disappointment, we want to be very upfront about this. while all efforts will be made to deliver the flowers as early in the day as possible, we cannot guarantee a delivery window. please allow the full day for your flowers to be delivered.

i placed my order, like, 3 months ago. my flowers will be delivered first, right?

while we congratulate your supreme organization, we're sorry to say it doesn't work that way. flower deliveries are grouped by neighborhood and building type. we do promise that our highly trusted delivery team will get them all out the door as soon as humanly possible. please help us by providing an accurate full-day time frame. if your hunny bunny works from 8-6, it's important to let us know. giving us the end-of-day time doesn't mean that we'll schedule delivery for 5:30pm, it simply helps us keep everything as organized as possible. all flowers delivered = celebratory martini. trust us, we wanna get those stems out. 

i'm sending flowers to my lover's office so that all of her officemates will be super jealous! if the flowers don't arrive 'til the afternoon, some people might not get to see!

flower envy. sure, we dig it. and we have an idea... why not beat everyone to it and send those flowers on the 10th? or the 11th? your love will be sitting pretty while everyone else sweats it out. it's cool, you can take all the credit for that one. 

what's up with the $10 delivery charge? 

while on a normal day we love to offer complimentary hand-delivery, at valentine's day we need to take on extra help in order to accommodate everyone's requests. hiring a cracker-jack delivery team also helps us to ensure that the flowers arrive looking lovely. if you'd rather save that $10 to spend on chocolates, you may opt to pick up the blooms directly from our studio - just select the option at check-out.

what do i need to know if i'm picking up? 

arrangements will be made available for pick-up at our 605 east 14th street location. (see times above.) since our studio is upstairs, please send a text with your 4 digit order # to 917 300 1875 to let us know you're outside. someone will run right out with your flowers. (this same info may be given to a messenger or courier.)

but you guys have a fleet of trucks and a bunch of delivery robots right? 

in our floral dreams! well, if we could tame the robots, anyway. like with any other day of the year, our priorities remain the same. we pride ourselves on designing beautiful arrangements and hand-delivering them so that they look just as lovely as they did in our studio. we don't believe in loads of packaging or slinging arrangements out of the back of a van. we know that everyone wants their flowers first, but please be patient. we are equipped to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing our every day quality. 

rats! i want to send to someone outside your delivery zone or within a specified timeframe. options?

yes! from feb 10th - feb 14th we, ourselves, cannot make exceptions to out-of-range deliveries nor commit to specific windows of time, but we can suggest options to make it work. you may opt to pick up the flowers from our studio and hand-deliver them to your love personally. (swoon.) you may also hire a messenger to do the delivery for you. we think our friends at UberRush make this process as simple as can be. give them our address, contact number listed above, and your 4 digit order # as reference. once the messenger is assigned to you, please utilize the share function within the app to let us know they are on their way. we'll be sure to wrap the flowers for transport. 

i sent you guys an email, you told me the flowers were delivered, but my boyfriend still hasn't said anything about them.

worry not. we're sure he loves them and you. please consider that no matter how much we bat our eyelashes, most offices in the city will only accept deliveries through their messenger center or mailroom. on this very busy day the internal staff will be working hard to get all the goods to your sweet ones, but it may take some time. once the flowers are accepted there, we do not have contact with the mailrooms or messenger centers. 

i want to send flowers to someone i secretly admire. can i do this anonymously?

indeed! if you don't sign your name to the card there will be no other indicator of who they came from. please also make a note at checkout to let us know that we should definitely not reveal you as the sender. sometimes recipients email to ask. alternatively, if you definitely DO want credit, make sure to sign your name in the card message. 

shoot! my girlfriend wasn't home/at her office when you tried to deliver. now what?

believe us when we say we'll do everything possible to make a delivery happen. if we can get someone from her office to accept the delivery, her roommate to answer the buzzer, or gain access to the apt building in order to leave the flowers right outside her door, we'll do it. if you want to include a back-up contact or phone #, by all means. if all else fails, we'll bring the flowers back to our studio where you may arrange to pick them up or send a messenger.

i think something went wrong and i'm freakinggg out...

we want to fix it! and we need your help. please understand that we can't right something that we're not aware of. remember our sole mission? it's to make everyone happy. while we are highly ambitious, we'll never claim to be perfect. if something is up, take a deep breath and let us know. simple as that. 

if you made it this far, thank you. i don't think we could have possibly left anything out, but if so, we're here for you. heads up - our phone line (calls) is unattended so please email us with any questions you may have. it helps us keep everything straight so we can provide you with just the right info - please include any previous correspondence and your 4 digit order # with any inquiries. response time will be rapid!  


lots of love,